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Motorsports enthusiasts happens to be in the same situation every season. There are these few fantastic days in the year, where all conditions are just marvellous, and you want to take your jewel out for a ride. This would be the perfect day, if there weren’t this imbalance in the expensive tires, which makes you feel like going onto a rodeo. This imperfection can be prevented in many ways, most of them are very unpractical and ends with not doing them - until today!

With tire cushions, there is a new and easy way to prevent such an imbalance. Just park your jewel onto them and when the next perfect day is coming you are immediately ready to ride in perfect conditions.

Sounds too good to be true? - Let’s check the facts:

Tire cushions are preventing flat areas on your tires during the winter season or during the season vehicles are often unmoved for months, which is a special burden on the tires. By uniform distribution of the vehicle weight, the tires are relieved on the tire cushion. In this way, uneven profiles and imbalances are avoided because it forms an ideal bearing surface, due to the special foam, which adapts to the tire shape. As a result, a relief of the tires is effected, and the good condition of the tires is maintained even with longer lives.

Tire cushions are suitable for all vehicles, from vintage cars to sports cars, from motorcycles to motorhomes and caravans. They are easy to use, without tools, without screws, just place in front of the tires and drive onto them!

Tire cushions were developed for all tire types and tire widths (up to 500 mm). The special design makes a precise ride on the cushions unnecessary.

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